the secret to happiness

stripped of restriction

addiction is an affliction

of power

with our thumbs up our asses

we run circles

around nothing

in a desperate attempt

to anestisize

we delay relentless anxiety

while being bombarded

with disinformation

slamming down

cramming in

jamming up the fax

between cracked pavement

from 73 car radios around us

while 12 and a half million computers boot

to various virus threat reboot messages

and mired maximum cpu warnings

traffic signals

parking meters

elevator rays

microwave burritos

eaten in fiberglass cubicles

swallowing stale recycled air


and humility

we fry

2,000 years of lies later

truth volcanically resurfaces

and it’s simple

the secret to happiness

is service or suffering


not stand up for the flag service

or wimbledumb service

or bake sale service

or service with a smile service

but please my friend

sit here

in my most comfortable chair

and allow me to remove your burden

and your shoes

so i may wash your feet


please share all i have worked hard for


allow us to break bread

refresh our throats

and lift our spirits


rest in my bed this night

and remember we are kin


as tomorrow we return to war

before nam and beyond

irag…..genocide….iran…..apartide…..darfur…..what more

many spirits hang in purgatory


what happened to addiction

i’ve wondered into fiction

you’re thinking

i’m thinking

you’re thinking

but it has nothing to do with thinking

it’s about blinking and seeing

and moving and being

it’s about forgetting ourselves

letting go

going long into the night of futility


of course we believe

we are powerless

by definition

that’s oppression

being responsible for the effort

and not the outcome

which conveniently

removes personal responsibility

allows one small thought


hands it over to invisible demons

and angels

how foolish when we are god

look into my eyes

wash my feet

hold my hand

while i inhale your divinity



~ by francleablunt on October 14, 2009.

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