alone in my thinking

am i alone in my thinking

there’s an inkling of truth

when i realize

frustration breeding frustration

stems from needing fear

oh yes i do need fear

to relinquish personal responsibility

when can’t reins

through my breath

into thought

into action

into warring

i can’t

you can’t

leaves us all victim of ourselves

hiding behind my outwardly pointing finger

i harshly linger frozen

as my tongue sticks to icy meanness

isn’t it so much easier

to see me as your inferior

delirious to relish the pain

in vain i shun the mirror

we each are for the other

why bother owning won’t

too in your face

too empowering

so far out of bounds

further than alice or goldylocks would wander to wonder

do i dare to stretch

to accept my power of choice

raise my voice

throw up my hands

roll my eyes

scream out loud

i won’t

that’s right you heard me

i won’t stand for my own stupidity

i shun the toxic rigity of fearing

in order to open into loving myself

i’m more comfortable when i realize

how wise i am

accepting my limitations

brings me closer to my possibilities

won’ting something

takes away nothing needed

thus ending my bullshit

cross potentiating intention with invention

the newly opened door

beckons me to realize

i am alone in my thinking

i am the only one in here

near my fear

i force myself to turn and embrace my truth

as i am ever alone

only in my thinking

remembering in the end there’s only one ass

i can save

my own

thank me

for allowing myself to become

the consummate me


~ by francleablunt on November 6, 2009.

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