dance for you

when i dance for you

i will come wrapped in veils, shawls, and long black lace

fastened with silver and many colored stones

as i shimmy closer

you may recognize my fragrance

you may recognize my hesitancy

as i glide away across the floor

and you are left to savor

for just a moment

lift above yourself

and notice you

noticing me

as i loosen my veil

and swirl it through the air

invoking infinity

you may recognize my wings

you may recognize your desire

to fly

as i notice you noticing me

my breath deepens

your breath draws me back

closer again

to wrap my veil around your shoulders

as you find yourself

face to face with my heart

you may recognize my desire

you may recognize my breath

in your ear

tiny silver symbols jangle

as ancient drummers remember

and stomp it all back at us

you may recognize my skirt blurring

you may recognize many spirits

dancing around me

in a circle

we will entice you

back here

to safety

to creation

to the first moment of love

to fly

you will feel the vibration

through the floor

through your feet

through the chair

through the blur

will you use my veil

to connect

as i drop my shawl

will you grab it

and savor

for just a moment

this dangerous



or leave it to fall

revealing the full span of my shoulders

as my arms become medusa’s snakes

will you withdraw to decompress

leaving me to whirr

back into the blur

or invite more to be revealed

i will divert your attention

to my toe

as it traces the calf of your leg

will you touch my leg

and notice

my feet

are not all that is bare

you may recognize my need

you may recognize everything

as i shimmy and lace begins to fall

will you stop me or help me

until the tempo slows

and my fingers take over the dance

tracing your lips

you may recognize my touch

you may recognize me trembling

while i unzip you

and kneel to taste the first few drops of your lust

indulging my tongue

will you hold yourself

as i rise

and straddle you

lowering myself into your lap

bringing you into me

you may recognize my sigh

you may recognize me


~ by francleablunt on December 14, 2009.

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