it may appear impulsive

it may appear impulsive

            that i hacked up

                        my hair this morning

for you to find me

            hacked up

                        all different

i get these ideas

            and keep many scissors

                              to remove unwelcome non-entities

once i got a perm

            my son so small

                                   cried and tugged and cried

don’t cry my blood

                               don’t cry lamentful

i’m celebrating cronehood

            letting out my grey

                        much less clairol blonde

it’s all i’ve ever wanted


                        not flaxen or flat

leaning toward fond memories

                        of holidays with grandparents

                                            no longer akhmatova or bernhart

 more like a bothwea

                        this very day




my return to myself

            with graying elvin swirls

                        meant for my halo


~ by francleablunt on January 3, 2010.

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