tiny diamond

how do i relinquish

this tiny diamond

left in my charge

for just a few days

has become a few months


i had infinite freedom

now i have diapers and demands


mo appa duish peez


go gar ride


rea tory peez


pay gars peez


go see momma peez go gar ride see momma

all music

to my ears

he whispers

cries of frustration

reveals losses

no 2 years old should sustain

when waffles

tiny tin cars

and a tub full of toys

bring smiles

i can not love him more

than his mother loves him

yet in this instant

always we are

blood of my blood


toys between blankets

rejected phone calls

being honored

to parent

as he discovers





not quite belonging

we hold hands

through the darkness

pass pacifiers

pack toys

next to dentures

approaching our adventures

in forgiveness


we are growing closer

slaps me

how could i have asked when

when now i curse when

~ by francleablunt on January 5, 2010.

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