about photography


about photography


a photo is a poem

it brings you back and propels you forward

photos take your breath away and bring you hope

connecting what is with what ain’t

the angle

saturation level

light bearing septers

objective obstacles

reflecting observations through your personal tunnel of experience

extending your parenting


as you stop time

recording history



I’ve never taken a photography class. . . did take several high school art classes. . . . do have a crazy precise spatial aptitude. . . . .really, for me, photography is an extension of parenting. . . . my kids were so damn cute, I had to take thousands of pictures of them. . . . and, like everything else,  learned from my successes and mistakes. . . . when digital cameras appeared all my kids were still at home, so there was no way to spend $700 for a camera!. . . but, when the 1 MPs were discontinued and went to ½ price, there was no longer the need to resist temptation; so, I got a HP and began to play. . . .oh, how I loved that camera. . . .  then discovered Jasc Paint Shop Pro. . . . and, oh boy,  fell in deep and lasting love with the continually growing and changing digital wonderland! . .

~ by francleablunt on January 17, 2010.

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