Building A Gate of Grace

Gate of Grace: a geometric vortex, set with stones, designed to attract positive energy and dispell negative energy


1 yellow stone; either yellow calcite, yellow topaz or yellow sapphire

1 orange stone; either carnelian, orange calcite or orange sapphire

1 purple stone; either amethyst or benitoite

1 red stone; either ruby or red calcite

1 green stone; either green kyanite, green tourmaline or emerald

1 violet stone; either lavender tourmaline, charoite or lavender calcite

2 blue stones; either blue calcite, azurite or blue sapphire

Building the Gate:

It is best to place the Gate where there is no metal. 

If the room has synthetic carpeting put a small piece of wood or natural fabric down in each position to place the stones on.

In reverence to the sacredness of the event shoes should be removed.

Once the Gate is set and the energy stabilizes you may remove the stones.  The Gate will remain intact for approximately 24 hours after the formation has been disassembled.

You will need a tape measure, a compass and masking tape.

Decide what size the Gate will be.  The ratio is 3:1; with the outer dimensions being 3 times the size of the inner.

Find and mark the center with a piece of masking tape.

Using the compass find north; and mark it with a piece of masking tape.  If you are building a 12 ft. Gate the north position will be 6 ft out from the center.  Repeat for south, east and west; which will complete the outside pyramid.

Beginning back at the center, use the compass to find northeast; and mark it with a piece of masking tape.  Again, if you are building a 12 ft. Gate the northeast position will be 2 ft. out from the center.  Repeat for southwest, northwest and south east.

With the floor marked, place the stones in this order:

1)        Begin in the east placing a blue stone

2)       Move to the northwest placing an yellow stone

3)       Move to the northeast placing an orange stone

4)      Move to the southwest placing a purple stone

5)       Move to the southeast placing a red stone

6)      Move to the south placing a green stone

7)      Move to the north placing a violet/lavender stone

8)       Move to the west placing a blue stone

Now that the stones are set, it will take approx. 1 hour for the energy to stabilize.  Dowse to check.

To open the Gate, set your intention and bless the Gate.

~ by francleablunt on February 7, 2010.

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