card wallet. . .made with love

I love making things with my hands, sweat and ingenuity.  And, I love a challenge.  So, when my friend asked if I could make him a new card wallet, I figured, why not.  Not having much leatherworking experience didn’t intimidate me; nor did the fact that I was using an unfamiliar perhistoric sewing machine.  The Stingray skin and Elephant ear were a bit of a different story; especially after I found out how much they go for!

Step one was to cut out paper patterns for the pieces. 

The outer casing (the Stingray) was  6″ X 4 1/2″

The top pocket (Elephant ear) was 4 1/2″ X 2 1/2′

The bottom pocket (Elephant ear) was 4 1/2″ X 2 3/4″

Cutting the Stingray was tough.  Good thing George has sharp scissors!

There were two small imperfections in the Stingray hide, so I glued in a liner, to insure the integrity of the finished product.

The hardest part of the entire project was lining the edge up perfectly.

While that was drying I glue over the inside pocket edges.

And weighed them down until dry.

Then hit the sewing machine.

Burnished the outer edge with edge black

And he’s got stuff in it, already!  Would have liked to finish the outer edge on the belt sander and added another coat of edge black; but, I guess it’s finished!  It was a great afternoon of fun!

~ by francleablunt on February 17, 2010.

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