Is it possible?

We were out rock hounding, along the Appalachian Trail.  Angelique called to me, “Mom, you have to see this.  Do you think it could be Dinosaur tracks?”

It was evident that we were in a time warp!  Certainly, not many humans had walked the ground we were on.  But, Dinosaur tracks?  Did my daughter just find Dinosaur tracks?

I believe she did find Dinosaur tracks.  My gut screamed, “YES”.

Do we alert someone, anyone?  Would this sacred, ancient burial site become decimated; if we did.  What is the greater significance of this find?  Why can’t I get this rock out of my head?

I realize that Nature speaks to us everyday.  If we don’t listen to the messages, then the messages stop.  I believe this rock showed itself to us for a reason.  Now, what do we do about it?

~ by francleablunt on June 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Is it possible?”

  1. Start looking for the dinasaur 🙂 They are now trying to clone other extinct or soon to be extinct creatures..perhaps the foot steps will lead you to another neateo finding !

  2. Phenominal

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