You Will Need:

Two or more people.  I’ve done cleansings by myself lots of times.  It’s just difficult to juggle the sage and salt water, alone.  And, certainly, the more people in attendance the more positive energy generated.

A sprig of white sage (or sweet grass, or incense) and a saucer, incense burner or ashtray

A candle

Salt water and a bowl or spray bottle

Bells and/or wind chimes (I like to tie craft bells on my shoes, or around my wrists.  That way they ring by themselves! Hanging a wind chime from my pinky also works great.)

Cut flowers, one for each window, doorway, drain, and if there is a staircase, one for each step.  In season I like to pick wildflowers for this.  Out of season a supermarket bouquet will do.

Uplifting music.  I like bagpipes; but have used Gospel, Celtic, World, Alternative and others.  Some favorites are REM; Shiny Happy People, CANNED HEAT; Let’s Work Together, anything by LORENNA MCKENNIT or AFRO-CELT SOUNDSYSTEM.  It just needs to be upbeat, positive, comforting and affirming.

Before You Begin:

Dust, sweep, vacuum, mop and unclutter EVERY room to be cleansed.

Open all curtains, blinds, shades, and leave a flower on each sill; and in each doorway.

Place a flower in each sick and on each toilet, throughout.

Place a flower on each step.  If you have leftover flowers place them around any room where there is a particular distressing energy.  It’s fine if the flowers begin to whither and die; that’s actually the point.

It’s helpful to do this several hours before you plan to do the ceremony. Plan for children and pets to be out of the home; during the clearing ceremony. Anyone not participating in the clearing should also be elsewhere.

Prepare yourself as you would to attend any significant spiritual ceremony.  I like to begin by white lighting myself and then take a long, hot, herb laden bath, then oil my entire body and dress slowly; while considering my intentions for a clean, clear, safe and sacred home.  Black is the only rule for dressing.  It’s important to be comfortable and not overdressed; and remember you may have to maneuver around an attic or basement, if that applies.

The Clearing Ceremony:

Turn on the music inside; so it can be heard throughout the space to be cleared.  It doesn’t need to be blasting, just audible.  If there is a certain area of the home that seems more uncomfortable that’s where the music should originate.

Begin outside the door you most often enter through. 

All in attendance should white light themselves.  I like to pass a white light belt around my waist, then encircle each person attending and then bring it back to myself. 

Whoever intends to go in first will light the sage (Light the bundle, let it burn for a few seconds and blow it out. Keep it smoldering the entire time, by waving it in the air and relighting it if necessary.)

All in attendance clearly state the intention; before you open the door.  Please don’t read something someone else wrote.  Make it from your heart, your perspective and your experience.  Depending on the specifics of any home I say something like, “Hello home, we’re coming in to bring light, love and laughter.  As we move through we will be clearing out all dead energy; reclaiming this place as the sacred domicile of _____ (who ever lives there).”

Pick up the flower, open the door and walk in, moving to your left.

Do worry if you feel awkward, giggle or goof up.  It’s natural to feel odd about moving energy; until you get used to it.  Just keep going.

Whoever goes in second will hold the salt water.  Either spray or sprinkle the doorway and also move to your left.

While inside ALWAY move to the left, and continue around each room.  Picking up the flowers as you go, filling each room, closet, hallway and cabinet with sage smoke, spray or sprinkle the salt water in and around every window, every entry way, every drain opening, every stair.  If you come upon an attic or basement opening, then go into it, even crawl spaces must be cleared.  Eventually you will find yourselves at the doorway you came into.

You can sing, pray or work in silence, as you go; as your actions speak volumes.  Sage, saltwater, music and your intentions will clear all negative energy.

Before you open the door to go back outside, give an offering of gratitude.  Again, use what works for you.  I like this prayer: “Great Spirit, thank you for all you have given me (us), for all you have taken away from me (us), and for all you have left me (us).”

Go outside and state clearly your intentions, again; in conclusion.  I say “Bless this home and keep it safe for all who come and go to be surrounded in love, and joy.”

Discard the flowers OUTSIDE.  DO NOT BRING THEM BACK INTO THE HOME.  Wild gathered flowers could be composted, storebought should be thrown in the trash.

Then celebrate.  Like any spiritual ceremony a festival of recognition is appropriate.  And, a substantial meal is holistically a real good idea.  It is a essential, however, to eliminate alcohol from this party.  Alcohol corrodes the aura and is (almost always) counter productive and counter intuitive in any spiritual activity.

 Thanks for stopping by.

~ by francleablunt on December 17, 2010.

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