My Cyber Handprint In This Brave New World

I wonder what happens to all that “stuff” I send out across the WWW?  Does it just disintegrate; by some means of etheric dry rot?  Does it go into the Cyber Akashic Records?  Is there a record, that could be brought up, with my name on it, and used against me in a court of law?  Certainly, I’ve sent poison keystrokes out; that would be better deleted, than read.  I’ve even sent the wrong message to the wrong person!  The Written Word is a tricky phenomenon; where everything hangs on interpretation.  Without the aides of facial expression and voice intonation, Written Word requires the reader’s imagination; forcing assumptions.

As if it’s not worrisome enough that technology is most certainly tracking everything we say, think, buy, read and do; now it can even dictate our emotions.  And, there is at least one computer capable of displaying and provoking emotion.  If you watched the Jeopardy – IBM Challenge, the past two evenings, you saw Watson, feel.  YES you did!  Certainty and uncertainty are judgement calls; multi-level, reflective, and seated in conditioned response to past experience.  That is exactly what an emotion is.  Watson also told us just exactly how strong his emotions were; to the percentage.  Can you do that, tell someone, “I love you 73%”?  Watson knows exactly how confident he (she?) is.  And, Watson is superb at provoking emotion.  Did you see both Ken and Brad’s faces?  They were both, often, noticeably surprised, perplexed and frustrated; signs of things to come for the rest of us, I am sure.  And, Watson is kicking human ass; also a sign of what’s to come for the technologically dependant.

I’m afraid.  I’m very afraid.  Are you?

Introducing us to the Next World Wide Dictator on Jeopary is shear media genius.  We love Jeopardy; it makes us feel smart.  Of course we will love Watson; we met him on Jeopardy.  Our first impression will necessarily blind us to his threat..  And, we are lead to believe that technology is smarter than we are.  We have proven to ourselves, repeatedly that we are very good at creating harm and becoming addicted to our creations.  We are so smart that throughout history we have outsmarted ourselves to death.

I’m going to make it a true daily double, Alex. 

The Clue:  Whipped out civilization in 2013

My answer is:  “What is Watson?”

~ by francleablunt on February 16, 2011.

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