Our Sunday Guest, Anna Akhmatova, Thinking of Summer.

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Unsuited to my purpose in the rhyming
Of martial odes or charming elegies.
In verses everything should be untimely,
No punctualities.

I wish you were aware from what stray matter
Springs poetry to prosper without shame,
Like dandelions which the children scatter,
Or pigweed of the lowly name.

An angry shout, the molten tar’s hot stinging,
A magic growth of mould upon a wall…
And straightaway the verse is gaily ringing
To gladden one and all.

~ Anna Akhmatova ~ (1889-1966) (1)

The words of my favorite poetess, always, stir my soul, in all seasons, for all reasons.  Anna Akhmatova sings to me of faded, other lifetime memories, all rolled up in transient, ever faithful words.  In her ultimate poverty, under threat of imprisonment and execution, this Grand Lady, persisted, remaining true to her craft.  Akhmatova’s revelations bring back my Great Grandmothers, right through my Great Aunts Francie and Marietta…

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~ by francleablunt on August 3, 2017.

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