franc lea blunt



linda lu

curious, furious, uproarious wandering jew

born under the cancer moon, on the cusp of leo

in the year of the wood horse

child of the beat generation, mother of many

lover of peoples, their words and their musics

feels passionate, artsy, and powerful

needs peanut butter and jelly companions

admits to silly sentimental savorings

gives blood, time and far too much advice

fears nothing and everything

would like to see every child have bubbles, hugs and full tummies

resident of wonderer’s lane





Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches must be eaten; at least once a week

Bubbles must always be available

No less than 3 hugs a day is acceptable

Lotion will be applied whenever necessary to whomever necessary

No eye rolling during poetry readings

No laughing (at least audibly) when I sing

Much laughing (at least audibly) when I tell jokes

Kites are mandatory and will be used often

No farting, ever

dear lawrence

did i miss the party of my initiation

in the stray dogged village cafes

where rebellious ideas were borne

from images infiltrated by dante


when my beat began

before my beat began


as they raised glasses against opression

into the smallest hours of eternity

filling each other with words

later to be eloquently delivered


where my beat began

before my beat began


had i stopped intimidated and inundated

with horror impending

could their reflection of my inflection

have encouraged a young girl



when i did those two portraits i was trying to show me on the outside and me on the inside. . . . .not that either is a more true or accurate picture . . . . just two facets of the overall gem. . . . . most will like the outside facet, which is probably the more apporpriate one for you to like (shallow). . . the softer (more acceptable and easier to deal with) me which i try to project outwardly on a daily basis. . . . i like the inner facet. . . which, is really where i live and thrive. . . the forever contrarian. . . more lively and colorful a character, than society allows to have freedom, and, therefore, necessarily hidden away (to avoid persecution). . . . .and so beautifully profetic that there i lay, upon the framework of society, serenly waiting to be anihilated! . . . . . . with my eyes screaming

just another american poet; living in poverty and obsurity. . . . .franc lea blunt is just another writer. . . writing just another word salad


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