CON TENTS OF TABLES ie how this works

in this column, you will find whatever i’m in the mood to slap up, at any given time. . . . .my usual adhd-ishness. . . . . . . . . .sometimes it’s time relevant, usually not

on the right there will be an attempt at organization and possible explanation with absolute avoidance of the inexplicable 

FORAGEPORAGE: the fun and foibles of foraging! for whatever reason I can no longer sign into my other blog; forageporage, so I will be copying, editing and adding to it here.

franc lea blunt is my pen name/alter-ego; therefore the page is about me from my viewpoint for no apparent reason other than the instructions said to

 INTENDING:   We can all come here to energetically support each other; exponentially.  Please leave your intentions in the comment section and I will post them daily (whenever possible).  Each day I will send Reiki to all the intentions, posted here.  Please feel free to join me in sending positive energy to all the intentions posted here.  Also, please come sign the Roster of Intentional Warriors. 


knitwit confessions should contain my designs w/ patterns


l’chaim may have my famous recipes


 Roster of Intentional Warriors

unsocial commentary is whatever is working on me


word salad is my poetry. . . . . .mostly observational, sometimes autobiographical. . . . . sometimes time relevant, usually not. . . . . . . a poem that needs no editing is a rare bird. . . most are worked over and chewed up for a good long time, some take years

please be patient. . . it’s a work in progress. . . . . . thanx for visiting. . . .PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS

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