living on the wrong side of the tracks

A beautiful river moseys along the backside of Main St; here in town.  Along the river runs the Rail Road tracks.  Which ever direction you walk the tracks, on one side lives nature; on the other lives man.  It’s easy to tell the right side of the tracks from the wrong side.

On the wrong side of the tracks there’s never a shortage of garbage;


we have shipwrecks and car wrecks.


we have safety violations.


we have environmental violations


 abandoned dreams


abandoned responsibilities


and of course

we have stacks of

the great american plastic lawn chair



if you walk down the tracks

        in either direction

                a little past town

there’s a clearing in the trees

        where the kids go

                to escape blame

for doing what they weren’t actually doing

some are fine knowing

        such a place exists

                and never actually go there

some walk out of town

            then turn back

                        afraid of what they may find

some think about it

            they sweat thinking about it

                        they toss and turn thinking about it

some run right past this place

          seeing no temptation

                hurrying along their way

some go softly

            they tell no one

                        and never return

some bring their friends

        as misery does love

                   again and again and again and again

some go and linger

            alone in the night

                        trains whistle to them

some goes to die

            from way too much or way too little

                        of what ever made them

i go to recover all of them

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