When we begin to study Reiki, history is generally the first subject.  In many “Traditional” Western Reiki classes, Reiki is traced back to Dr. Maiko Usui; but, abruptly stops there.  How and where Dr. Usui came upon Reiki is seldom discussed, and likely never probed.  Perhaps this is because history is difficult to trace and verify.  Dr. Usui’s life is not well documented, either.  We can make intelligent conclusions from what we do know.  Reiki is a Japanese word combination; given to this system of healing by Dr. Usui, during the 1800’s.  The Reiki symbols, however, are, certainly not of Japanese origin.  The Symbols are found in Buddhist doctrine and literature; dating back BCE.  Does that mean Reiki is not Japanese, it’s Indian?  Perhaps Reiki is a gift from the Buddha, himself?  Perhaps Reiki is older than that?  Some believe Reiki was brought here from a distant place in the galaxy.  Does that mean Reiki is of alien origin?  Some believe that during the “missing” years of Jesus’ life, he traveled to India and was attuned to this ancient system; which is how he came to heal, throughout his lifetime.  Some believe he was resurrected from the dead to return to India.  Is Reiki Christian; than, or Buddhist?  The Reiki Principles are curiously similar to Buddhist, Native American, Gypsy, Celtic, Toltec, Christian, Pagan and many other long-standing principles.  Cho-Ku-Rei, the first symbol we receive, is a spiral.  Throughout the history of this planet spirals have been associated with Goddess.  Perhaps Reiki is a gift from the Goddess, herself?  Certainly, Reiki belongs to no ONE.  Thankfully, Reiki now belongs to EVERYONE, as many believe it was intended; in part due to the work of curious, generous Reiki practitioners.  We will each believe what we choose.  Reiki is not dependant on our beliefs.  Certainly studying all aspects of Reiki will, and should, be a life-long process. 

I believe Reiki is a great and mysterious gift.  I believe Reiki is strongly supported by Quantum Physics.  I strongly FEEL Reiki energy, where before I felt little, if anything.  I know Reiki is available to me, anytime, anywhere, immediately, freely, no fuss, no muss.  I believe that makes me responsible for making Reiki available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, immediately, freely, no fuss, no muss.   I know Reiki is a simple, effective system.  I know Reiki will harm no one, ever.  I know the Reiki Principles are universal spiritual truths.  I know Reiki asks little of me.  I know that since the moment of my first attunement I have grown, immeasurably.  I know I have much to learn.  For all of this I am grateful

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